Two Ladies in police net for stealing jewellery

Jan 13 2021 10:45 AM
Two Ladies in police net for stealing jewellery

Bhopal: Shahpura police arrested three people including two women who have stolen gold and diamond jewellery worth Rs 10 lakh from Chinar Saffire and recovered stolen jewelry from their possession; domestic help stole jewellery in two months and concealed with the help of two others.

According to the police, domestic help Kavita Hirve who used to work at victim Anoop Sharma’s house stole jewelry and with the help of Praveen Singh and Asha Rajput disposed the valuables. A complaint was made by Anoop Sharma after his mother who came to meet him from Gwalior found jewelry was missing and Anoop checked he found that diamond and gold jewlery and some cash were not in the place where they were kept.

The domestic help Kavita was employed three months ago and would take care of children when victim and his wife would go for work. The victim raised suspicion over domestic help.

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