'Deserted roads, silence in markets' When the lockdown was imposed on this day 2 years ago
'Deserted roads, silence in markets' When the lockdown was imposed on this day 2 years ago

New Delhi: The Corona epidemic has wreaked havoc all over the world. Millions of people were killed by this deadly virus. The virus was first found in The Chinese city of Wuhan, after which it quickly engulfed the whole world. Even today, the U.S. is most affected by this epidemic. It is followed by India, Brazil, France, UK, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy and Spain. So far, more than 61 lakh people have lost their lives in the world due to the coronavirus and more than 47 crore, 58 lakh cases have been recorded. 

In order to break the chain of the corona epidemic and to save the countrymen from the infection, two years ago, on this day i.e. 24th March 2020, the lockdown was imposed in India for the first time in history, after which the lives of the people were imprisoned in the houses and there was silence in the streets and markets. The first case of the corona was reported in the country on January 30, 2020, and the case was reported from Kerala, after which concerns were raised about the epidemic. Then gradually the cases of corona started increasing and within a month, more than 500 patients had become and 10 people had lost their lives. In such a situation, the central government took strict steps and announced a lockdown. PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation and while announcing the lockdown, requested the public to follow social distancing.

In his message to the nation, PM Modi said that even the countries which have the best medical facilities could not contain the virus and the only way to reduce it is social distancing and masks. Warning the people who are negligent, PM Modi said that the negligence of some people, the wrong thinking of some people will put you, your children, your parents, your family, your friends and the whole country in a big crisis in the long run. PM Modi had announced that a complete lockdown will be imposed across the country from midnight tonight, with a complete ban on people from stepping out of their homes for up to 21 days. However, the lockdown continued for several months.

Talking about the economic impact of the pandemic, PM Modi had said that definitely, the country will have to pay an economic price because of this lockdown, but saving the life of every Indian is our biggest priority. The Prime Minister had explained that if the situation is not brought under control in three weeks, the country can go back 21 years and many families will be devastated forever. In such a situation, he had requested people to stay only inside their homes.

In the lockdown, public places were completely closed and the guidelines related to corona were strictly followed. However, on March 29, a few days after the lockdown was imposed, the Indian Railways had announced to run special trains to ferry people stranded in cities to their homes. Due to which the labourers and workers stranded in other states were transported to their states. Along with this, the government had also launched a scheme of free ration for the poor, so that the economically backward people living in the house do not have to face a food crisis.

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