Uber to launch flying taxi by 2023

Jun 20 2018 03:36 PM
Uber to launch flying taxi by 2023

Uber, the world famous for its cab facility on the basis of the app, is now preparing to bring a flying taxi soon. Tell us that Uber will start this facility in Texas and Dubai by 2020. This information is given by the company's Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden.

What is the company's plan- 
1. Uber will use this small electric VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft. 
2. For this, the company will charge customers $ 1.32 per mile. 
3. This price is slightly higher than the Uber's Cab Booking Price. 
4. The firm says that the taxi tax will be cheaper with the road running on time. 
5. Apart from Uber, almost a dozen companies are working on this project. 
6. Earlier, the talk of launching a taxi in Dubai was revealed in Dubai. 
7. Uber shared his plan for flying taxis and said that we will start this facility between the cities and after that, it will start in the city.

“Our partners are very capable of designing, certifying, and building conventional aircraft, so what we’re doing is focusing on what’s really different. That lets you get to increased performance but at the price of complex joint that could have maintenance,” says Moore.   

“This is a great concept but is a big challenge, no question about that,” said Embraer CEO Paulo Cesar Silva.

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