Udaipur horror: Karnataka BJP launches "terrorist Congress"

BENGALURU: The Karnataka BJP has begun an online campaign under title "terrorist Congress" in the backdrop of the beheading of a Hindu man in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

The BJP in its online posts said that "Hindus are being exterminated in the Indian state that the Congress party controls. The tragedy in Rajasthan serves as evidence that Hindus will not be protected wherever the Congress comes to power "read the post.

The Karnataka BJP has called for the execution by hanging of the murderers and has created the hashtag "terrorist Congress." "A terrorist organisation is the Congress. The primary goal of the Congress party is to placate fundamentalist forces. Why Congress has remained silent despite the inhumane event, "claimed BJP.

"Where are those who advocate for the right to life now? The BJP asked. The incident happened in the state that hosted the national Chintan Shivir. Hindus in the state where the "Bharat Jodo" call was made are not protected "BJP stated.

"Do you want to bring India together because of the Hindus' deceased? Congress takes a selectively sympathetic stance toward cases of killings committed for religious reasons. The Congress is the party that attempts to find religion in human blood that is spilt "BJP attacked.

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