UK home secretary accused of applying different standards when denying entry to refugees from Sudan
UK home secretary accused of applying different standards when denying entry to refugees from Sudan

London: After claiming that the situation in Sudan was "very different" from that in Ukraine and that there were "no plans" to provide safe and authorised passage for Sudanese refugees, Britain's home secretary was charged with using a double standard.

I wouldn't want to make comparisons to the situation in Ukraine, according to Suella Braverman. The Sudanese situation is still very much in its infancy.

When asked if the UK would offer safe passageways for Sudanese asylum seekers akin to those offered to Ukrainians, she responded, "We have no plans to do that."

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"Our top priority is to support British nationals, British passport holders, and their dependents," Braverman continued. Our top priority is that. We've started an evacuation mission because of this.

The director of the Council for Arab-British Understanding in London, Chris Doyle, stated that the British government's "position on refugees, not just from Sudan but other countries, has been appalling."

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"It has failed to provide proper safe passage to many of those fleeing persecution and war, including Sudan, to the UK, and instead they have been prodded into the arms of criminal smuggling networks and faced with being sent back or sent to Rwanda if they ever come to the UK," he continued.

"It puts in jeopardy Britain's long-standing reputation for upholding refugee rights, and people see those double standards where Britain was all too willing to accept refugees from Ukraine — quite rightly — but closing their doors to those in similar situations from other conflicts," the author said.

Today in Parliament, a question about child refugees from Sudan coming to the UK was also dodged by the prime minister.

Additionally, Braverman has received criticism from the general public regarding UK policy.

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"Opening the door for Ukraine and closing the door to Sudan is racism," wrote Twitter user @greenbenali. It's just that simple.

Wonder why Braverman believes the situation in Ukraine is very different from the situation in Sudan, Is there a reason she isn't establishing safe routes from the war-torn Sudan like she did from the Ukraine? What's the distinction? Why do they receive different treatment?

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