Person blown away after seeing electricity bill
Person blown away after seeing electricity bill

There is a period of inflation and in this period, the electricity bill is also becoming more expensive. Many times the government department sends more bills by mistake and after that, all the members of the house have to bear the brunt of it. Actually, this is what has happened in the case that we are going to tell you today. In fact, in recent times, a similar case has come to light from the United Kingdom. Here a person got a bill of 39 lakh rupees. You may not be sure, but it's true. Actually, this is the case of the Scorthorpe of the United Kingdom. Something similar happened at Davis's house here. In fact, here they got a bill of 40,000 pounds.

In the Indian currency, it sits close to 39 lakh. In such a situation, if you are thinking that this bill is for one year or one month, then you are wrong. This electricity bill was just one day, which shocked Davis. Yes, although an even bigger shock to Davis came when the department told him that smart meter readings are never wrong. Davis, on the other hand, constantly complained to the department about the meter's software error, but to no avail. 46-year-old Davis finally fancied that he would turn off the meter and cover it in a cupboard.

Davis says that the electricity department's behaviour was also very bad about this complaint, but in the end, when Davis discussed his old bill with the authorities and told him that his bill used to be £400 every month, but due to some technical snag, it reached £40,000. In this case, when the electricity department noticed this, Davis is speaking perfectly, the bill of a house cannot come to 39 lakh rupees in a day. If the bill of the entire locality is also counted, then there will not be so much of a day, in such a way it became clear that the bill is wrong. After all this, the company obeyed him and changed the meter.

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