UN Reports: More than 2.73 million people in Somalia face food crisis
UN Reports: More than 2.73 million people in Somalia face food crisis

United Nations: Drought and a rain deficit is pushing more than 2.73 million people in Somalia towards the crisis level of acute food insecurity, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said.

"Approximately 2.73 million to 2.83 million people across Somalia are expected to face crisis or worse outcomes between April and September 2021, reflecting the deteriorating food security situation in the country," the Office said.

According to OCHA, the annual rains of early spring came late in some parts of the country and were mainly below average. Subsiding in mid-May, the critical Gu crop planting season was significantly affected.

The Somalian government, in consultation with the UN, on April 25 declared a drought. Moderate to severe drought conditions affected more than 80 percent of the country.

A few days later, rains started, but only in parts of the country, triggering riverine and flash flooding that affected 400,000 people, of whom 101,300 were displaced, OCHA said. Humanitarian organisations continue to respond in locations with the highest needs, including distributing water and critical sanitation and hygiene material, non-food items, cash and food supplies, the Office said.

The 2021 Somalia Humanitarian Response Plan requires USD 1.09 billion to assist 4 million people but is currently only 20 percent funded.


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