'Uncle raped all night and father...', soul will tremble hearing ordeals of these two sisters
'Uncle raped all night and father...', soul will tremble hearing ordeals of these two sisters

Durg: A shameful incident has come to light from the Durg district of Chhattisgarh. Here two sisters have accused their uncle of raping and their father of molesting them. Police have arrested both the accused. A 49-year-old man, a resident of the Khursipar police station area, had lodged a missing report of his 15-year-old and 21-year-old daughters. He said his daughters were nowhere to be found. When the police started searching for both of them, the girls were found in Raipur. They were living there in a rented room.  

When the police asked both the girls the reason for running away from the house, they started crying bitterly. They told, "They run away after being troubled by the atrocities of their father and uncle. The uncle used to rape them. Along with this, the father used to molest them throughout the night by giving them sleeping pills." The accused said, "Her mother is insane. We both used to study at the aunt's house. On August 27, at 2 pm, the elder sister reached home from school. At that time, the aunt was not at home. Due to this uncle molested her. Also threatened that if she tells anything to anyone, he will throw her out of the house. The next day again the uncle called and raped her".

After that, the girl reached home crying and told the whole thing to her father. The father scolded and silenced her. After this, the father also started doing dirty acts. He used to sleep with both of us. Due to this, he used to molest them overnight by giving sleeping pills. The police have recorded the statements of both of them and sent them for medical examination. Also, the culprit father and uncle have been arrested. At the same time, the criminal father says that the allegations against him are false. CSP Cantonment Prabhat Kumar said that last week a family had lodged a complaint at Khursipar police station that their daughter had gone missing. On this, the police started a search and seized the girl from Raipur. Due to this, the girl said that she was raped by her uncle, a resident of Jamul. Her father also molested them. Not only this, an attempt was also made to make a physical relationship with the younger sister. It is being told that action has been taken against the criminals in Jamul police station under sections 376, 294, 506 of IPC in addition to the POSCO act.

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