First underwater metro train started in India, can travel in this state

Apr 06 2020 04:22 PM
First underwater metro train started in India, can travel in this state

The advancement of science, the country is also progressing, where earlier it had to wait for many days to travel from one place to another, now that journey can be decided in Minto, in this episode, underwater metro train in India now Has started and if you also want to enjoy such a journey, then you must travel in it, the metro train is ready to run under the Hooghly River in the country. In Kolkata's Hooghly River all the less of the metro train is complete and it will be made operational for the common people.

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The track of this train running below the Hooghly River has been made about 520 meters long and about 30 meters deep. According to reports, this train will take about 60 seconds in the water tunnel and will reach another station. According to reports, on February 13, 2020, this is the country's first underwater metro train ready to run today. This metro line will run between East-West Corridor of Kolkata and Salt Lake Sector 5 and Howrah. This metro line will be fully started in the year 2021, as the work of the remaining metro line is still going on.

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Currently, this metro will cover a distance of 12 km through 6 metro stations in Kolkata. This metro train is considered to be the most special metro train of its kind in India. The same is being done with the Eurostar Metro train. The Eurostar metro train connects London and Paris. It is generally said that the Eurostar metro passes below the equivalent of a ten-story building. The Kolkata Metro train has also been made in a similar way. India's first underwater train will soon start running under the Hooghly River in Kolkata. Example of excellent engineering This train is a symbol of the progress of the railway in the country.

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