Unexpected reaction from Amrita Singh on Kareena's pregnancy
Unexpected reaction from Amrita Singh on Kareena's pregnancy

Kareena Kapoor Khan is expecting her first child and her husband Saif Ali Khan has announced that they are expecting the baby by December this year. Looks people close to Saif and Kareena are already celebrating and are overjoyed with the news. Both the families, friends, costars etc wishing them and celebrating the news of Kareena's pregnancy.

But there is someone in industry who is different from others, none other than Amrita Singh, former wife of Saif Ali Khan. She when asked about the news of Kareena's pregnancy, reacted weirdly, instead of congratulating them, screamed at the reporter who made the call, “How do you have the guts to call people and ask such random questions? Who are you? Don’t call me again!”

In 2014, Saif and Amrita chose to divorce after 13 years of marriage and with this reaction, it seems she stills live in her past.

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