UNICEF's concern over children's situation in Afghan swells, so many children die in 6 months
UNICEF's concern over children's situation in Afghan swells, so many children die in 6 months

Kabul: UNISEF in a recent report has reported that at least 460 children have died due to continuous violence in Afghan in the six months before 2021. The report also mentions the killing of nine members of a family, including four girls and two boys, who died during Thursday's blast. Three other children were seriously injured in the blast. Where it has been revealed that four decades of conflict have affected the lives of thousands of people in Afghans. A 6-year-old boy named Hibatullah, who lost his leg amid clashes in Nangarhar, said he was now dependent on an artificial foot.

Hezbollah's father Abdullah has said that my son was shot in a clash in Nangarhar. He was hospitalized for a long time and then his leg was also amputated. He has insisted that the family is in despair. Continuing, Abdullah said that his son is now being treated by the Red Cross and (he) has created an artificial leg for him.

Therapist Mohammad Fahim, who lives in Nangarhar, has said that 10 out of 15 children brought to him every day were suffering from brain freeze. He has termed the situation as very dangerous and also blamed the war for such incidents.  UNICEF has also expressed concern over the condition of Afghan children.  According to media reports, Unicef Communications Chief Samantha Mort has said, "We are also concerned about the number of children killed by explosive devices so far this year. The death of a single child was shocking. According to UNICEF, Afghan children have been suffering from poverty and malnutrition for years.

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