Unidentified Suspects Sought in Brutal Murder of 17-Year-Old Girl in Thane
Unidentified Suspects Sought in Brutal Murder of 17-Year-Old Girl in Thane

Mumbai: A case has been filed against unidentified individuals in Maharashtra's Thane city following the discovery of a 17-year-old girl's body, who was allegedly strangled and stabbed. The incident has sparked a thorough investigation by the local authorities.

The victim, identified as Tejaswini Manoj Razak, was found deceased in a room of a chawl in Taricha Pada, Kolshet area, on the night of May 24. The body was discovered under suspicious circumstances, prompting an immediate response from the police. The chawl, a type of tenement housing common in the region, became a grim crime scene as officers began their investigation.

On Monday, the Thane police officially registered a case under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, which pertains to murder, against unknown assailants. This development followed the results of a post-mortem examination, which revealed that Tejaswini had both ligature marks and stab wounds on her neck. These findings indicated that she had been both strangled and stabbed, suggesting a brutal and premeditated attack.

Tejaswini lived alone, which complicates the investigation as there are fewer immediate witnesses to her daily life and activities. The police are delving into her personal life, trying to piece together her interactions and movements leading up to the night of May 24. They are also exploring whether she had any known adversaries or if there were any recent changes in her behavior or routine that might provide clues.

The Kapurbawdi police, who are leading the investigation, are employing various forensic techniques to gather evidence from the crime scene. They are also conducting interviews with neighbors, friends, and anyone who might have seen or heard anything unusual around the time of the murder.

The case has drawn significant attention, and the police are under pressure to solve it swiftly. Authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward, emphasizing the importance of community cooperation in solving such heinous crimes. The police have also increased patrolling in the area to reassure residents and prevent further incidents.

Tejaswini’s tragic death has not only shaken the local community but has also highlighted issues of safety and security, particularly for those living alone in urban areas. As the investigation continues, the community remains on edge, hoping for a swift resolution and justice for the young victim.

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