UK General Election 2019: General elections in UK today, results to be announced soon
UK General Election 2019: General elections in UK today, results to be announced soon

Britain, the country that rules the world, has general elections today and results will also come tomorrow. This is the third general election in the last five years. There is a close fight between Boris Johnson of the Conservative Party and Jeremy Corbyn of the Labor Party. The total population of Britain is around 60 million. About 2.5 percent of this population is Indian. In this sense, the voters of Indian origin will have an important role in victory. 4.6 crore voters will exercise their vote for the 3,322 candidates who stood for the election.

What is the House of Commons?

For your information, let us tell you that this is a democratically elected House of Parliament, whose responsibility is to make policy and legislation. The people of Britain elect MPs, who represent their interests and their concerns in the House of Commons.

There are a total of 650 parliamentary constituencies in the UK and one MP from each of these constituencies represents their constituency in the House of Commons. The Prime Minister is not directly voted by the public. Either he is elected by the MPs of the winning party, and appointed by the queen, who is obliged to follow his advice. The figure for the majority is 326. The leader of the majority party becomes the Prime Minister. If no party gets a majority, then the party with the most seats can form a minority government or a coalition government.

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