United State not optimistic about Ukraine talks

WASHINGTON: The US Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, warned that there was no possibility of a negotiated conclusion to the crisis in Ukraine in the near future, as pressure mounted on US President Joe Biden ahead of a major NATO summit in Europe this week, as per reports.

Biden, who is under fire for his handling of the conflict, will fly to Brussels on Thursday and then to Poland, as per a statement released late Sunday night. Biden will hear a proposal from Poland for NATO to send a peacekeeping force into Ukraine, which Thomas-Greenfield said was improbable. The Ambassador stated that she did not believe there was a likelihood of a breakthrough.

"We have supported (Ukrainian) President Zelensky's attempted conversations with the Russians," she added. "I say attempted because the negotiations appear to be one-sided, and the Russians have not leaned in to any chance for a negotiated and diplomatic solution."

"We tried diplomatically before Russia decided to move on with this horrific attack on Ukraine, but the Russians did not respond favourably, and they are not responding now. However, we are optimistic that the Ukrainian effort will bring a stop to this heinous conflict." The prospect of a NATO peacekeeping force in Ukraine was dismissed by Thomas-Greenfield.

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