Universal Mask Usage reduces mortality rate by 37% in India
Universal Mask Usage reduces mortality rate by 37% in India

A US based independent global health research center the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation have made an analysis to estimate the number of lives saved through usage of masks. The report says approximately 1.32 Lakh lives can be saved up to next February by the mask usage and lowers the projected death by 37%. As the festive season is approaching, opening up the economy the emphasis of mask usage increases to avoid the spread which is also indicated by Jan Andolan campaign launched by PM for COVID-19 appropriate behavior.

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A facebook based survey says India’s mask usage is about 70% in 2020 but the limitation of participants being facebook users leaves survey with less impact. A projection of 3,54,000 deaths by February throughout India due to pandemic has been estimated, under the implication of 67% mask usage. The death rate will reduce if India follows Universal mask use which is 97% or more. The researchers said, the simple mask usage reduces the transmission of Covid-19 by 40%. The study revealed that the effect of universal mask use is greatest in countries such as India (158,832 fewer deaths in universal mask scenario, 75,152 to 282,838 deaths), the USA (93,495 fewer deaths; 59,329 to 150,967 deaths), and Russia (68,531 fewer 29 deaths; 34,249 to 145,960 deaths).

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The estimation repeatedly stresses the rising number can be reduced mainly by the universal adoption of masks. The low-cost policy has bulk of health benefits and economic benefits likely the social distancing effects. Previously, few reports were made on use of mask in health workers and non-health care giving a conclusion of 66% reduction in infections.

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