Read these unknown facts about 'Republic Day of India'

Every state, city, even small villages where there are no resources available are excited to celebrate 26th January 2017, the 68th Republic Day of India. All Indian citizens are proud to have our courageous 'leaders', who are the cause of our freedom.

Republic Day and Independence Day are the golden days of Indian history; Our upcoming youth should understand the importance of these days. Respecting our national flag and Motherland shouldn't be temporary traits, but in every step of your life you should be a 'responsible citizen' and must respect all the norms.

You may be well known to the history of the Republic Day, but the facts which are listed below are rarely known about the 'golden day of India' :

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January 26 1930, was considered as 'Independence day', the day when India determined to fight back against Britishers and gain 'Purna Swaraj'.

'Purna Swaraj' was one of the important day in India, as it was the 'full fight back day', thus after Independence on 15th August our leaders wanted to make it memorable and decided to keep it as a 'Republic Day'. 

First Republic Day was celebrated after 3 years of Independence.

This celebration continues for three days in 'Red Fort'.

A christian song 'Abide With Me' is played on this day during parade, as it is Mahatma Gandi's one of the favourite songs.

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