Tamannaah Bhatia got her luck when she changed her name

Tamannaah Bhatia, the face which established her fame in not only the South Indian cinema but in Bollywood too, through her talent. Recently, we caught up some special moments and hidden facts about the pretty girl when her mother appeared on the 10th episode of Zoom TV's Thanks Mom.

The actress who worked in movies like ‘Baahubali’ got her luck when her name changed from Tammana to Tamannaah, as while answering a question about the reason to change her name her mother said: “There is no secret behind the change in Tamannaah's name but when she started her career someone asked us to consult a numerologist so we thought how does it matter, let's just try that. And, coincidentally after she changed her name her Telugu movie, Happy Days became a huge hit. ”

Her mother also revealed that Tamannaah has an image of her dream boy. She wants someone who is like her father. Well, her mother also notified us about a very good thing about the actress’ nature that she is a very rooted person and don’t like to show up her success.

Her mother expressed that “Tamannaah doesn't like display of awards. Once I kept it on display and when she came home she asked me what is all this? This is not a museum. Are you exhibiting my awards? Please pack them and keep them aside".

What we have told you is much less. If you have not watched the episode then please have a glance as experience is what matters more. 

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