STF gets important clues in hand during Vikas Dubey case

Aug 01 2020 05:36 PM
STF gets important clues in hand during Vikas Dubey case

Lucknow: In the case of Kanpur Vikas Dubey encounter, STF will soon have another breakthrough. Vikas Dubey got information about two people from the gang from where the rifles were modified in Punjab. STF has also come to know about a rural area where rifles are modified. A team of STF is present in Punjab to search for both people.

Forensic investigation and police investigation of the Bikeru case revealed that Vikas Dubey used semi-automatic self loaded rifle and spring rifle. During the investigation, the police came to know that both were single-shot rifles, which were modified in Punjab. Former SSP Dinesh Kumar P engaged a separate team in Punjab. STF is also investigating this matter.

According to STF sources, the work of modifying rifles is done in a rural area of Ludhiana. The two people who were able to modify the semi-automatic rifles that Vikas had are residents of this region. Their location has been traced by STF. A team of STF has gone there in search of both. According to STF sources, there will be more significant revelations after those two members meet.

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