Young man threatens to murder cabinet minister publicly, case filed
Young man threatens to murder cabinet minister publicly, case filed

Lucknow: A case has been reported against the local MLA and cabinet minister's nephew for murder threat at the time of a meeting in Pratapgarh, UP. State Cabinet Minister Rajendra Pratap Singh alias Moti Singh has been threatened of murder by the nephew of Samajwadi Party leader in a video. The video of a man named Chandan Yadav, the alleged nephew of Chairman, the distributor of Asipur Devra area, is going viral on social media these days.

In the video, he is publicly threatening the Samajwadi leader. He is talking about the murder of local MLA Rajendra Pratap alias Moti Singh. A video of a mob of about 50 people on social media has gone viral, in which a man named Chandan Yadav alias Baggad Karoudi, a resident of Sultanpur, describing Chairman Yadav as his uncle along with others, is using offensive words against Cabinet Minister Moti Singh.

In the video, Chandan is clearly saying that chairman Yadav is his uncle if something happened to him, he will murder Moti Singh. Taking cognizance of the said video, legal action is being taken against the culprits by filing a case against them at Thana Asipur Devra. The interrogation is also going on, at the moment, there is definitely no disclosure, something will be clear only after the investigation.

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