Update on Khukumoni Home Delivery: Khukumoni challenges Nipa
Update on Khukumoni Home Delivery: Khukumoni challenges Nipa

Nipa causes a stir at home in the newest episode of Khukumoni Home Delivery when she fails to notice Khukumoni at Deb's residence. She claims that Ashutosh's new bahu Khukumoni stole the jewellery Ashutosh had given her on Bihan's wedding day. Then Khukumoni reappears and responds appropriately to Nipa. Palash, who was speaking bad of Khukumoni's family background, is also taught a lesson by her. Khukumoni says that she is here to stay and that she would not be leaving Deb's home lightly. Ashutosh is pleased to see someone fearlessly confronting Nipa.

Soon after, a group of men shows up to Deb's house carrying cooking utensils, veggies, and an earth oven. When Nipa sees these men, he becomes enraged. Khukumoni pays her no mind and cheerfully informs Ashutosh about her new customers and their demands. She expresses her desire to cook for Bihan at Deb's place. Nipa isn't happy with it and begs the guys to leave, but Khukumoni just does what she asks.

She meets her father-in-law on the way and tells him not to be scared of Nipa. Nipa comes and attempts to push her weight at him before he can say anything. Bhisma is unable to control his wife Nipa and plans to leave without breakfast. Khukumoni politely requests that he wait as she quickly cooks breakfast. Despite Nipa's objections, she cooks traditional Bengali cuisine at home. Basudha and Kangana speak out for Khukumoni. Bhisma is hungry for breakfast, but he is also terrified of his wife. Khukumoni has him eat breakfast before going to feed Bihan.

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