'I'm more than that...' said Urfi Javed when she copied Kendall Jenner
'I'm more than that...' said Urfi Javed when she copied Kendall Jenner

Actress Urfi Javed's glamorous looks have enthralled the trolls as well as garnered her a slew of awards. He was recently spotted in a black cut-out garment that was a rip-off of Kendall Jenner's. It didn't take long for others to notice Urfi's outfit. People began teasing the photographs as soon as they arrived, calling them copy cats. Urfi has finally replied to this hostility after so much trolling.

Urfi asked in an interview how much trolling impacts a black cut-out dress. 'I don't give a damn.' To be honest, I don't think these trolls are important. Why should I care what other people think? By publishing this, the media has also disgraced me - I have broken all lines of vulgarity, as Urfi Javed shown. I'll dress whichever I want. People will troll me even if they admire my outfits. I understand. Which farm am I the radish of when Ananya Panday and Jahnvi Kapoor are no longer there?'

'I look hotter than Kendall Jenner, so why not?' Urfi adds in response to the subject of mimicking Kendall Jenner. First and foremost, I have not duplicated it. I wore the same black cut-out dress as Kendall the day before. So, how did you manage to manufacture the fabric in a single day? What should I do because we both have the same option and they are both highly powerful?' Urfi's assertion, which she made better than Kendall Jenner, may appear ludicrous to some, but she also had the solution. 'Yes, that's what people were saying in response to Diet Sabya's article,' she says. This is not what I'm saying. People have also stated that I wear dresses better than Bella Hadid.'

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