US Denounces S. Africa's Genocide Allegation Against Israel, Straining Relations
US  Denounces S. Africa's Genocide Allegation Against Israel, Straining Relations

A recent accusation from South Africa, claiming Israel's genocide against Palestinians, has sparked tension between the United States and South Africa, potentially leading to significant diplomatic consequences.

The International Court of Justice, the highest legal body of the United Nations, is set to hear South Africa's case this week, alleging Israel's involvement in genocide during the Gaza Strip assault. The lawsuit also requests an immediate halt to Israel's military operations.

John Kirby, spokesperson for the U.S. National Security Council, condemned the lawsuit as "baseless, counterproductive, and lacking any factual basis." Meanwhile, Israel dismissed it as a "blood libel."

This dispute marks the latest disagreement in a series of diplomatic clashes between Washington and Pretoria. The U.S. has criticized South Africa for its perceived proximity to Russia and China.

In a prior incident in May 2023, U.S. Ambassador Reuben Brigety accused South Africa of facilitating arms transportation for Russia through an unidentified merchant vessel. However, a South African inquiry found no evidence supporting the alleged arms shipment, maintaining strained ties between the historically allied nations.

Before this, Brigety and other U.S. officials had repeatedly voiced concerns over Pretoria's stance of non-alignment regarding the Ukrainian conflict, which was interpreted by Washington as favoring Russia. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa vehemently denied such suggestions, clarifying that his government does not support Russia's invasion.

While South Africa has historically challenged the U.S. position on the Israel-Palestine issue, recent disagreements appear to exacerbate existing frustrations, according to analysts.

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