US Boy named reincarnation of Buddhist spiritual leader by the Dalai Lama
US Boy named reincarnation of Buddhist spiritual leader by the Dalai Lama

Dharamshala: A Mongolian boy with US dual-nationality has been named as the incarnation of the third most important spiritual leader in Tibetan Buddhism and was pictured for the first time alongside the Dalai Lama.

By this,  8-year-old child has become the third highest religious leader of Buddhism after Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama. Pictures show the US-born boy in a face mask and wearing a bulky red robe at a ceremony alongside the 87-year-old Dalai Lama in Dharamshala in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

The ceremony to recognize the child as a Tibetan spiritual leader was held in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh. This is the same place where the 87-year-old Dalai Lama lives in exile. The Tibetan government-in-exile also functions from this location. According to Mongolian reports, this child is one of the twin boys. Their names are Aguidai and Achiltai Altanar and their parents' names are Monkhnasan Narmandakh and Altanar Chinchulun respectively. The child's father, Altnar Chinchulun, is a university mathematics professor and executive of a national resource group. The boy's grandmother Garmjav Seyden of Mongolia has been a Member of Parliament.

China is believed to have objected to the move to recognize a child born in Mongolia as the reincarnation of a Buddhist spiritual leader. In fact, China has already insisted that it will only recognize Buddhist leaders selected by a special team approved by the Chinese government.

This step of the Dalai Lama has created an atmosphere of both happiness and fear in Mongolia. Mongolians fear that shaken by this decision of the Dalai Lama, China may take some strict action against their country. Mongolia has already been a victim of Chinese aggression, which has occupied a large part of what is known as Inner Mongolia.

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