Rich countries books corona vaccine before arrival, WHO says, 'Vaccine nationalism will not reduce this epidemic'

New Delhi: Corona vaccine has not come yet but before that, all the rich countries of the world have started hoarding it. Countries like America to Britain have got pre-booking of the vaccine up to five to five doses per person. The World Health Organization (WHO) is angry after knowing about this. Talking about this recently, the Director-General of WHO Drs. Tedros Ednam Gabres said, 'Vaccine nationalism will not reduce this global epidemic but will spread it further'.

The population of rich countries is 13% of the world, but they have already done more than 50% dose pre-booking of the vaccine. Small cities will not be able to get the vaccine dose and if they get it, then they may have to pay more. As per a report of a website, so far, the US has 2400 million doses, the European Union 2065 million doses, Britain 380 million doses, Canada 338 million doses, Indonesia 328 million doses, China 300 million doses and Japan Pre-booking 290 million doses.

Apart from all these, these doses are left 3200 million for the poorest countries of the world. Seeing this, the World Health Organization feels that black marketing of vaccine doses will increase the odds. Recently the Director-General of WHO Drs. Tedros Ednam Gabres has warned, 'I must make it clear that vaccine nationalism will not reduce this global epidemic but will spread it further. If in the same way, the corona vaccine will remain in the grasp of a few rich countries, then there will be a triumph in other countries of the world.'

Although there is no fixed date for the arrival of the corona vaccine yet, but the big companies of the world who are making the corona vaccine have fixed the price almost and 2 vaccines have also been 90% more successful.

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