US company Moderna's Corona vaccine to be available soon

Nov 22 2020 01:02 PM
US company Moderna's Corona vaccine to be available soon

America's company Moderna Inc. claims to have developed a vaccine to combat the COVID-19 virus. The company says that its vaccine has proven to be 94.5% effective in preventing COVID-19 infection. Meanwhile, the company has said that Moderna can charge US $ 25-37 from the government for a single dose of the vaccine at Rs 1,854-2,744.

Moderna executive officer Stephan Bansell said the price of the vaccine depends on its demand. In a discussion with German weekly Welt am Sontag, Stephan Bansell said, "Our vaccine prices can range from $ 10-50, meaning 741 .63 to Rs. 3,708.13." According to the news agency Reuters, an EU official involved in the discussion on Monday said that the European Union would require approximately millions of doses of the vaccine. The European Union wanted to deal with Modern for a price of less than $ 25 (Rs 1,854) per dose.

On the deal with the European Union, Bansell said, "Nothing has happened in writing or formally yet, but we are in discussion with the European Commission and are very close to confirming the deal. We want to deliver to Europe and our discussion is also going in the right direction." The CEO of Moderna said that the agreement is sure to take place as long as the deal takes.

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