US Supreme Court Denies Enforcement of Injunction in Apple-Epic Games Dispute
US Supreme Court Denies Enforcement of Injunction in Apple-Epic Games Dispute

New Delhi: In a significant turn of events, the US Supreme Court has declined to enforce a federal judge's injunction that could have compelled Apple to alter its payment practices within its lucrative App Store. This decision comes as a setback for Epic Games, the company that had filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple.

The injunction, initially issued by US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in September 2021, was designed to permit developers to inform users about alternative payment methods beyond Apple's App Store ecosystem. Apple contested the injunction and sought relief from the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld the injunction in April but suspended its enforcement while Apple's appeal reached the Supreme Court.

In a succinct ruling, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan dismissed Epic's plea to lift the stay on the injunction. Kagan asserted that Epic had not demonstrated that it would encounter irreparable harm in the absence of lifting the stay. Furthermore, Kagan argued that upholding the stay would better serve the public interest.

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While this decision favors Apple, it does not mark the conclusion of the legal proceedings. Epic's lawsuit against Apple for antitrust violations remains active, with the case pending before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. There remains a possibility that the Supreme Court might revisit the case at a later juncture.

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This verdict not only represents a setback for Epic Games but also underscores the intricate challenges that antitrust plaintiffs face when confronting tech giants. Apple, a formidable entity with substantial resources, has successfully repelled antitrust allegations over an extended period. The unfolding legal saga will determine whether Epic can surmount Apple's defenses and secure a favorable outcome in its legal battle.

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