US will release Covid-19 vaccine and life support medicine to India : US executive vice-president

Due to increasing surge in corona virus cases, the US president Joe Biden administration is going through intense pressure from various quarters to ship AstraZeneca and other COVID-19 vaccines along with several life-saving medical supplies to India. Let us share here that Indian support here in US including the powerful US Chambers of Commerce, lawmakers and eminent Indian-Americans, which is witnessing a deadly surge in coronavirus cases making pressure to supply necessity.

In a official statement Myron Brilliante, executive vice-president and head of international affairs at the US Chamber of Commerce said that "As the Covid pandemic inflicts a heavy toll on countries around the globe, the US Chamber strongly encourages the administration to release the millions of AstraZeneca vaccine doses in storage - as well as other life-saving support - for shipment to India, Brazil, and other nations hard-hit by the pandemic,". This move will affirm US leadership, including in initiatives such as COVAX, and as we work with partners around the globe because no one is safe from the pandemic until we are all safe from it, Myron Brilliante said.

However, here it is to be noted that the US Chambers issued the statement after Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar sought global help in fight against COVID-19. "Will strive to ensure that our supply chains are as smooth as possible in a difficult global situation. The world must support India, as India helps the world," he said in a tweet.  Earlier we have reported that US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Jalina Porter told reporters that the United States continues to work closely with India to facilitate the movement of essential supplies and also address the bottlenecks of the supply chains.

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