Use these home remedies for keep away mosquitoes
Use these home remedies for keep away mosquitoes

Nowadays the number of mosquitoes has increased so much that all people are troubled by the mosquitoes' horror. Especially in the rainy season the mosquitoes grow very much. People spray chemical medicines with their homes to kill mosquitoes. This can lead to a lot of damage to health. Today we are going to tell you some home remedies that you can use to dispel mosquitoes. 

1- Use cloves and coconut oil to remove the mosquitoes from the house. Mix cloves and coconut oil on your body. Doing so will not bring you mosquitoes. 

2- Mix neem and coconut oil on your body. The mosquito will not touch you even for 8 hours after planting it. 

3- Oil of lemon and eucalyptus helps in the removal of mosquitoes. Put lemon juice and eucalyptus oil in a vessel for this, mix it on your body. Apart from this, keeping the mixture in any corner of the house does not even cause mosquitoes. 

4- The smell of garlic does not look good on mosquitoes. Grind garlic and boil in water. Now put this vessel in some corner of your house. Doing this will remove the mosquito from your house.

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