Use these Remedies to remove UNWANTED HAIR
Use these Remedies to remove UNWANTED HAIR

How many women take measures to maintain their beauty? There is no scent on their beauty, they do not like it at all. Especially if they have hair on their face when they are worried. But do not worry, we tell you the measures. We are going to tell you to remove hair from beautiful and stained skin and face. With these measures, you can remove the hair in your face and make the face beautiful. 

Sugar and lemon 

Apply sugar to the scrub face made of sugar and lemon juice. This will also clear the skin of your skin and leave unwanted hair on your face. You can apply this scrub to the other part of the body as well. 

• 2 teaspoons of sugar  
• 10 teaspoons of water  
• 2 teaspoons of lemon juice  
• 1 small bowl 

Method: Take the sugar and water into the bowl. 
• Now add lemon juice and mix it. 
• Put this paste on your face. Just keep in mind that this paste is placed on the face in the direction of hair. 
• Then keep it for 15 to 20 minutes. 
• When it is dry, remove from the face and blow with cold water. 
• Do this process three times in the week. 

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