Use this Navratri festival as a time to detox and rejuvenate by following these simple steps

Apr 09 2019 07:15 PM
Use this Navratri festival as a time to detox and rejuvenate by following these simple steps

How to use this Navratri festival as a time to detox and rejuvenate:

Cook right

Kuttu can be used to make dosa, uttapam and rotis instead of poori and parantha. Samai, used as rice, can be made into pulao or kheer with low fat or skimmed milk. Steamed idli of kuttu and samai is a healthy breakfast and snack option. Amaranth rotis and Quinoa pulao add a whole lot of fiber and quality proteins to your food. Makhanas can be roasted with sendha namak instead of frying, or used as a kheer to satiate your sweet tooth. Let tasteless food not drive you to choose unhealthy cooking techniques.

Use healthier alternatives

Processed sugar can be replaced with jaggery (gur) or honey. Spices are a power house of antioxidants and protective foods. They add health and taste to food as well as aiding in digestion. Jeera (cumin),elaichi (cardamom) and dhania (coriander seeds) are known for their carminative action.

Choose healthy when eating out

Who doesn't like going to restaurants and trying those yummy Navratri thalis? However, the pooris and fried dishes are really not helping you. Opt instead, for low fat versions of food available. Try upma made with samai or a simple pulao with a fruit raita to finish. Sago khichdi, with meetha pumpkin subzi is another alternative. Want something exotic? Quinoa and amaranth salads are a great meal choice. Grilled paneer tikka and baked potato are delicious snacks which won't hurt your detox plan. Sago khichdi with a spinach and fruit salad, samai fruit and vegetable salad are great ways to eat a healthy meal within the parameters of the Navratri do and don'ts.

Break your fast with something healthy and light

Some of us follow the path of one meal a day during this period. In such a situation, break your fast with some fruits or nuts. Warm lauki soup or fresh coconut water are light on the stomach and replenish fluid and electrolytes. Just because you have fasted through the day doesn't mean that you eat through the night. Have a light meal with vegetables, dahi and some cereal grains.

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