US-India Space Collaboration: NASA to Train Indian Astronauts, Launch NISAR Satellite
US-India Space Collaboration: NASA to Train Indian Astronauts, Launch NISAR Satellite

Washington: NASA will soon offer advanced training to Indian astronauts, aiming for a collaborative mission to the International Space Station (ISS), announced US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, on Friday. Garcetti made this announcement during the "US-India Commercial Space Conference: Unlocking Opportunities for US & Indian Space Startups," organized by the US-India Business Council (USIBC) and the US Commercial Service (USCS) in Bangalore.

"NASA will soon provide advanced training to Indian astronauts, with the goal of mounting a joint effort to the International Space Station, hopefully, this year or shortly thereafter," Garcetti stated, according to a press release from USIBC. Additionally, the NISAR satellite, a collaborative project between NASA and ISRO, will be launched from ISRO's Satish Dhawan Space Center to monitor global resources and environmental changes.

Garcetti emphasized the strong partnership between the US and India in space exploration, highlighting the Artemis Accord and the potential for high-tech job creation in both nations. "When it comes to prosperity and jobs, which is a big part of this conference today, it can be produced by startups in this sector, good-paying, high-tech jobs for Indians and for Americans," he said.

Conference Highlights
The event in Bengaluru featured senior officials from both governments, including Garcetti and ISRO Chairman Dr. S. Somanath, along with representatives from NASA, NOAA, and various industry leaders, venture capitalists, and market analysts.

Dr. Somanath praised the visionary leadership of both countries for their collaborative efforts in space exploration. "The connection between the Indian partners and also the US partners in critical technologies and specifically in the space sector is really becoming stronger," he remarked.

USIBC president Atul Keshap highlighted the conference as a new chapter in the US-India space partnership, noting the productive collaboration between USIBC and USCS in promoting space innovation. "We're on the brink of achieving extraordinary milestones and expanding the horizons of space exploration beyond what we once imagined," Keshap said.

Alexander Slater, managing director of USIBC, emphasized the importance of strategic partnerships in driving innovation and advancing the space industry. "This is the next step in USIBC's continued commitment to fostering bilateral cooperation among leading companies and startups from both countries," he stated.

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