UTHHAN - Marketplace for Indian Handicrafts & Artefacts

Dec 14 2019 01:24 PM
UTHHAN - Marketplace for Indian Handicrafts & Artefacts

In villages, large brands use middlemen, to place small orders with multiple artisans and set prices for the products. They will usually provide the raw materials too. It's a captive setup. The artisans are limited to the very bottom of the value chain. Only when they can own the entire process - buying raw-materials, creating products across a wider range, and diversifying into different product categories, with the same materials and skill-sets, can they become entrepreneurs themselves and meaningful, active contributors to the economy. UTHHAN enables skilled artisans to sell directly to Indian and global consumers and earn better.

As stated in 2012 to encouraging direct sourcing, UTHHAN  eliminates middlemen and thus increases income for artisans. As a social impact venture, UTHHAN  provides not just an online marketplace but also supports rural artisans through a strong supply chain and consumer-centric marketing. It takes care of the entire process for artisans, from the setting up of a store to delivery all over  India. UTHHAN  aims to be the first choice of consumers for buying handmade, one-of-a-kind products from home and living, apparel, arts, and vintage.

It was no easy task for the UTHHAN team to reach out to people from a vast Indian canvas that spoke different languages. Many were hesitant in engaging with the new sales paradigm and online payment. But in a span of seven years,  UTHHAN has more than  12,000 artisans family across the country. UTHHAN ecosystem comprises artisans and all communications are enabled using mobile devices, from creating an artisan's profile to the setting-up of a shop, and digital marketing, e-payments, etc.

UTHHAN is differentiated in business, positioning, product sets, consumer profile, and market segment.. The experience is personal as you are engaging directly with all the sellers. We make it possible for, NGOs, self-help groups, and of course artisans to sell directly, and therefore, the price points are different. UTHHAN is about creating sustainable social impact via technology. For any social impact initiative to have a sustained impact, it must have strong business fundamentals and be profitable as a business. UTHHAN is aiming to reach 50000 artisan families by end of 2020. Uthman has developed an app for Artisans where they can upload their products and do business within the app itself. You can get Uthhan - Empowering Artisans app from Google Play.

You can visit Uthhan.org to be a part of this initiative!!!

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