Utilizing the Novel Digital Health Solutions to Manage Care in Cancer Patients

Jan 09 2021 05:14 PM
Utilizing the Novel Digital Health Solutions to Manage Care in Cancer Patients

Computer algorithms may have benefited a lot of cancer patients in managing their symptoms. Now, a new research conducted in London suggests that a system, developed by a team of researchers, may help cancer patients manage their symptoms as well. The study, published in the 'Journal of Clinical Oncology', suggests that patients reported better symptom control and physical wellbeing in the early weeks of treatment, with the system preventing symptom deterioration in about 9 percent of patients after 12 weeks.

"Remote online monitoring options have the potential to be a patient-centered, safe and effective approach to support patients during cancer treatment and manage the growing clinical workload for cancer care," said researcher Galina Velikova, a professor at the University of Leeds in the UK.

For the study, the early-stage colorectal, breast or gynecological cancer patients took part in the trial of the eRAPID system, which allowed them to report online symptoms from home and receive instant advice on whether to self-manage or seek medical attention.

The study included 508 patients aged 18 to 86 years who were starting chemotherapy. All the patients received their usual care, with 256 receiving the eRAPID system as additional care.

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