Vitamin D inexpensive, low-risk and can build up immunity to COVID-19: Experts

There is no clinical confirmation to prove low levels of Vitamin D lead to severe COVID-19 symptoms but there is a definite connection between the "sunshine vitamin" and immune responses to the disease, say experts as the pandemic spreads across the world and concerns mount over a new mutant strain.

 Emphasizing that Vitamin D is inexpensive and has negligible risk when compared to the considerable risk of COVID-19, global researchers on the disease have asked governments to make it part of their strategy against the novel coronavirus.

Many parameters such as age, being male and comorbidities are known to predispose individuals to higher risk from exposure to SARS-CoV-2, but insufficient Vitamin D is by far the most easily and quickly modifiable risk factor with abundant evidence to support a large beneficial effect, said Prof Afrozul Haq, former dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Sciences and Technology (SIST) at New Delhi's Jamia Hamdard University.

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