Hindu girl gang-raped by Muslims with the help of their sisters
Hindu girl gang-raped by Muslims with the help of their sisters

Lucknow: A girl from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh has been gang-raped in Agra. Not only this, the victim Hindu girl was forcibly converted and married. According to the report, the victim was also held captive for several days in Ajmer, Allahabad, Banaras, and Akbarpur. Apart from raping, and converting the Hindu woman to Islam, she was forced to eat beef and also given intoxicating injections.

According to the report, the 21-year-old victim has filed a case against six people in her complaint. The accused have been identified as Akleem Qureshi, Shadab, Visal, Tarannum, Shahana, and Ghazala. According to the report, the victim runs a beauty parlor inside her Bareilly house. Tarannum and Ghazala used to visit the victim's beauty parlor. Due to continuous meetings, the victim became friends with these Muslim girls. The Muslim women are alleged to have called the victim to their house one day on some pretext. There, the victim was imprisoned in a room by Muslim women. It is alleged that in the meantime, Tarannum's brother Akleem raped the girl at gunpoint, and Tarannum and his sister filmed the heinous act.

According to the report, by threatening to upload the rape video on the internet, the accused forcibly converted the girl to Islam and forcibly got her married to Akleem. When all this hellish incident happened with the victim, her family was preparing for her marriage. The accused also snatched cash and jewelry kept in the house for this. In her complaint, the victim stated that Akleem used to exploit her by giving her intoxicating tablets and injections.  

After forcibly marrying, Akleem and his sisters are accused of taking the victim to Ajmer. After this, the victim was also held hostage in Allahabad, Banaras, and Akbarpur. She was then taken to Bihar, from where she was brought to Agra. Here Akleem's brothers Visal and Shadab also raped the Hindu girl. During this time, the victim was also tortured for eating beef. The victim was beaten up too when she resisted. According to the report, the victim somehow escaped from the clutches of the accused on November 23, 2022. She collected money by begging and then came to Bareilly from Agra and filed a case against the accused.

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