For 2000 rupees, this person accepted the bet to eat 50 eggs but then...
For 2000 rupees, this person accepted the bet to eat 50 eggs but then...

Jaunpur: In Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh, a bet kept in laughter on Monday became the cause of death. In fact, a person had to lose his life in the process of winning the condition of eating eggs and alcohol. He accepted the bet of two thousand rupees in the name of eating 50 eggs, but after eating the 42nd egg he fell unconscious. He was immediately taken to PGI, Lucknow for treatment, where he died.

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This matter is related to Bibiganj market of Jaunpur, UP. According to the information, Subhash Yadav (42) of Argupur Kalan Dhaurahra village in Shahganj Kotwali area used to do the work of driving tractor and bolero. He had gone to eat eggs with a friend at Bibiganj market on Friday evening. There was a debate and bet on who can eat how many eggs there. On fulfilling the condition of drinking 50 eggs and one bottle of wine, it was final to give two thousand rupees.

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Subhash accepted the condition and started eating eggs. He ate up to 41 eggs, but as soon as he ate the 42nd egg he fell unconscious on the ground. People present there took him to the district hospital. Seeing the critical condition, the doctors referred him to Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow. Where Subhash died during treatment late at night.

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