Girl married her boyfriend against family's will, got divorced within 12 hours

Lucknow: A case has come to light from the Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh. A couple living in Moudha village was in a relationship for about 2 years. Going against the family, the girl got married to her lover. But only 12 hours later that marriage broke up. Sarita (name changed) studying in college had fallen in love with her friend Sandeep. When the family came to know about her relationship, they started pressurizing the girl.

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Sarita accused Sandeep of sexual abuse under family pressure and lodged a complaint with the Maudha police. Sandeep was taken into custody, but within a few hours the girl also withdrew her complaint. When the girl withdrew the complaint, the family members were angry with her and drove her out of the house. The girl went back to Sandeep and somehow persuaded her family for Sandeep. After this, the wedding took place in the temple on Monday in the presence of the girl's family. After 12 hours, the girl changed her mind and decided to end the marriage.

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Sandeep was also troubled by this kind of behavior of the girl, so he also accepted the decision of the girl. Both reached Kotwali and ended their marriage completely. Sandeep said, "I am disturbed by her insanity, I loved her, but I did not know what she wanted after all. Well, now I am relieved that this case is completely over." The police called the girl's family and asked them to take her back home.

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