Honor killing in Mirzapur, parents strangled daughter

Jan 09 2021 03:22 PM
Honor killing in Mirzapur, parents strangled daughter

Mirzapur: Every parent raises their child with great pampering, but a surprising case has come to light in Uttar Pradesh, which taunts the mother's mother. In Mirzapur, UP, the parents strangled their own daughter to death. On 5 January, the body of a girl was found in Radheshyam's farm in Jamalpur area of Mirzapur. When the police was informed, the body was identified as Anjali alias Pushpa, aged 17.

Anjali had a love affair with a young man living behind her own house, which her parents did not like at all. Anjali was also caught four or five times with her lover. Anjali wanted to marry him, but the lover was not ready. When Anjali returned home from 10 o'clock on the night of 2 January, her parents began to cry out to the society by sounding sober. He started giving advice to improve it, but it did not affect him.

On this, when the daughter, who was upset with the lover's neglect and the mother's crippling death, sought death by strangulation, both of them got angry and strangled her with a scarf and killed her. After killing him, he closed the lock of the house and left. On 4 January, as part of the plan, he threw the corpse into the field. The police engaged in the investigation arrested the accused couple and sent them to jail.

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