Junaid married Hindu girl by hiding religion then harassed for dowry, case filed

Apr 17 2021 03:16 PM
Junaid married Hindu girl by hiding religion then harassed for dowry, case filed

New Delhi: In Noida, Uttar Pradesh, adjoining the national capital of Delhi, the matter of hiding and marrying religion has come to light. The victim party has filed a complaint in Jewar Kotwali. In the complaint, the aggrieved party has accused the young man of hiding his religion under the scheme, trapping the girl in the love and getting married, later torturing her for dowry.

The police of Jewar Kotwali of Noida have registered a case on the complaint of the victim and started an investigation. The complaint states that a young man of other religions, under the scheme, trapped the girl in a trap of love and married her. Before marriage, the boy hid his real religion. Later on the demand for dowry, the in-laws started harassing the girl, when it was found that the boy had hidden religion, he wanted to get rid of the girl.

According to the information, the victim's mother has said in her complaint that Junaid, a resident of Aligarh, had hidden her religion and trapped her daughter in the trap of love and got married. Later, with the consent of both the families, their daughter was married on 12 February 2019. Ever since marriage, her in-laws were harassing their daughter. They were demanding dowry.

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