One patient kills another after a dispute over a bed in a hospital

Apr 12 2021 09:28 AM
One patient kills another after a dispute over a bed in a hospital

Lucknow: A patient hospitalized in Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh killed another patient after a dispute. This dispute started due to one patient lying on the other's bed. At present, the police have arrested the accused. Orders have been ordered to investigate the matter. Actually, this incident is from Shahjahanpur Government Medical College. Where a patient quarreled with the other patient about lying on the bed. After which there was an argument between the two and then one beaten the other to death.  

In the case, Superintendent of Police (City) Sanjay Kumar said that a person named Abdul Rahman was admitted to Shahjahanpur Government Medical College on Saturday. Meanwhile, he went to the toilet and when he came back, he saw Hansram (50) lying on his bed. Police said that there was a dispute between the two about this matter. The debate grew so much that it came down to a scuffle. Meanwhile, Rahman pushed Hansram to the ground and beat him, causing Hansrama to die. 

At present, the police have arrested the accused. A case has been registered against him and an investigation has started. Initially, there has been report of a quarrel over the bed. After this quarrel, the two got into a scuffle, after which Hansram died.

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