Religious processions won't be allowed during Muharram, says UP Police

Lucknow: State DGP Mukul Goel has issued a guideline for Muharram on behalf of the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh. According to the guideline, on August 19, the administration has banned any kind of procession. This time Muharram procession has not been allowed in the districts in view of Covid. the DGP has issued instructions to the Superintendents of Police of the districts in this regard. DGP has directed the Superintendents of Police to communicate with maulanas, search all important places, test the situation at the beat level and make arrangements. According to the guidelines, there will be no tajia or procession in UP nor fair in Karbala. Only two or three people will be able to take the tazia soil and cool it down in Karbala. Encroachments will be removed from the road. Tajia Chowk will also be cleaned.

However, Muharram's guidelines have raised a controversy over the language of the administration. There is resentment among maulanas and imams of the Shia community over the use of language in the guideline. Shia Maulana Kalbe Sibtain Noori has demanded an immediate change in the draft guideline. Maulana Kalbe Sibtain Noori has said that the guidelines issued by the police administration on Muharram have hurt the religious sentiments of the Shia community. It has directly leveled baseless allegations against Muharram and the Shia community. The draft of this guideline should be changed immediately. In fact, the police administration's guideline says that on the occasion of Muharram, there is a strong objection from the Sunni community (Deobandi and Ahle Hadith) to read "Madhe-Sahaba" in response to which objections are lodged by Shias.

The controversy is likely due to the bitterness between the two spindles when anti-social elements of the Shia class write tabra on public places, kites, and stray animals and display the names of their caliphs in the same manner by anti-social elements of Sunnis of Deobandi/Ahle Hadith firks. Expressing strong displeasure over this, Shia Chand Committee Chief Maulana Saif Abbas Naqvi has said that the guideline sings 40 years old and levels false allegations against the Shia community. Through this, the religious sentiments of the Shia community have been created. The Maulana asked the DGP to withdraw the letter and take action against the concerned people.

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