Uttarakhand: Tigress spotted in Bangjhala river of Ramnagar

Jun 23 2020 10:39 AM
Uttarakhand: Tigress spotted in Bangjhala river of Ramnagar

The tigress with its three cubs has appeared in the Bangjhala river for several days in Dhikuli village, making two cows a morsel. Wildlife photographer Deep Rajwar claims that it is the same tigress who killed two cows on Kosi Chaud just a few days ago. The drain was seen, whose photo was taken by a tourist. Deep Rajwar has been studying this tigress since then. According to him, it is not easy to trace the tiger in the alert zone. Only on three of four occasions in the last 6-7 months did he see this tigress and its cubs separately.

Everyone was seen differently, but this time the tigress appeared with all three cubs. A 24-year-old youth of Bhatigaon in Pithoragarh got into a five-minute huddle on Saturday afternoon and forced the leopard to flee with his courage. In the Leopard attack, the head and body of the young man suffered extensive injuries. He has five stitches on his head. Bhuvan Chandra Bhatt, son of Bhatigaon, was returning home by grazing goats from the forest at around 12 noon. The leopard attacked him on the way. The goats fled as soon as the leopard attacked. Bhuvan saved his and goats' lives by struggling with leopard and wood for about five minutes.

Bhuvan said that he started making noise as soon as the leopard attacked. Sunil Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt, who were feeding the goats at some distance, reached the spot when he screamed. Somehow he attacked with sticks and poles and forced the leopard to flee. After this, both the youth brought it to the village. From here he was taken to the district hospital by vehicle. In the leopard attack, the young man has five stitches on his head and the body has also been hit. Senior Congress leader Mathura Dutt Joshi has demanded proper compensation to the victim and a cage to catch the leopard.

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