Chief Minister Rawat will take account of secretaries of every department

Aug 10 2020 11:26 AM
Chief Minister Rawat will take account of secretaries of every department

Dehradun: The speed of action on the files in the State Secretariat of Control Room of Administrative Law in the state of Uttarakhand is very sluggish. CM Trivendra Singh Rawat is very angry with this. He is now going to take the accounts of all the secretaries of the government from the sections related to their departments. In the sections where the record of the action on the files will not be correct, there will be a campaign to change the personnel deployed.

The highest peak of administration in the state is the secretariat. Here the policies of the state government are made. The State Administration has been divided into various Ministries and Departments for the convenience. Often the files of policies and schemes are stuck in the ministries and sections of these departments. On which no action is taken, and common people have to face problems.

Recently, a similar case came up, where a file was hanging for 14 months after the order. The CM came to know about the case, on his order, from the section officer of a section of the Public Works Department to the computer operator was removed. After this case comes to the notice, the CM has taken the responsibility of checking the status of the proceedings on the files. He has called a meeting of all the secretaries. This meeting will be held in the next two days. In this, information will be taken from the secretaries about the pending files in their departmental sections. If something is wrong, a strict decision will be taken by the CM.

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