Uttarkashi Tunnel Work In Progress,  'Perpendicular Drilling' SetsTo Begin Today
Uttarkashi Tunnel Work In Progress, 'Perpendicular Drilling' SetsTo Begin Today

In Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, significant strides are being made towards the completion of a tunnel currently under construction. Unfortunately, a section of this tunnel, situated at the Silkyara end, collapsed on November 12, leaving 41 workers trapped inside. Since then, a dedicated rescue operation has been underway to free the workers. The collaborative efforts of multiple agencies initially aimed to employ horizontal drilling, leveraging the expertise of international tunneling specialists to execute the rescue plan.

However, progress faced a setback last Friday when the drilling operation, aimed at covering a 60-meter stretch, came to a halt due to the breakage of the auger machine blades. To counter this setback, plasma and magna rod cutter machines were swiftly introduced to repair the blades, paving the way for the resumption of drilling activities.

In light of the challenges encountered, alternate methods are now being explored to expedite the workers' rescue. One such method is vertical drilling, which commenced yesterday with the aim of drilling through an 86-meter stretch—a task anticipated to conclude within four days. Another potential solution under consideration involves perpendicular drilling, requiring a distance of 170 meters to reach the trapped workers. The machine necessary for this specialized drilling technique was scheduled to arrive on Sunday night, marking the start of this critical phase in the rescue operation.

The involvement of the Indian Army has also been solicited to engage in manual horizontal drilling, adding another dimension to the concerted rescue efforts. A government statement issued recently sought to assure the public that the trapped workers are safe, receiving essential medical attention from psychologists and doctors. Additionally, provisions of food, fruits, medicines, anti-depressants, and multivitamins are being made available to them during this challenging period.

Concurrently, construction work on the rescue tunnel from the Barkot end is underway as part of the Tehri Hydro Development Corporation's project. Notably, the most recent phase of this construction project involved the fifth blast occurring at 2:25 am on Sunday, marking progress in the ongoing endeavor.

The collective efforts of various agencies, including international specialists and the Indian Army, continue to strive towards the successful rescue of the trapped workers. The utilization of diverse drilling techniques and ongoing construction endeavors underscores the unwavering commitment to ensuring the safe retrieval of those affected by the tunnel collapse in Uttarkashi.

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