Valentine's Day: These 5 Bollywood couples have stood by each other despite facing many difficulties
Valentine's Day: These 5 Bollywood couples have stood by each other despite facing many difficulties

Valentine's Day, February 14, i.e. this day of expressing love is also famous among the youth. By the way, there are many such couples in Bollywood too, who have been playing their love-filled relationship for the past many years. Even with the passage of time their love is getting deeper and stronger. These include many Bollywood couples from Amitabh-Jaya to Dilip Kumar-Saira Bano. On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we are telling that we are going to give information about some such couples, who have remained with each other even after many difficulties.

Dharmendra-Hema Malini: The love story of Dharmendra and Dreamgirl Hema Malini, known as the He-Man of Bollywood, has been like a drama movie. There were many difficulties in their relationship but both of them never gave up. The closeness of both had increased between the blockbuster film Sholay. But at that time Dharmendra was already married and had children. After which both of them were liked onscreen and offscreen. But there was a problem in their relationship when Dharmendra's first wife Prakash Kaur refused to divorce him. During this time Hema Malini's name is getting associated with Jitendra. Even Hema was about to marry Jitendra, but Dharmendra was not ready to lose her love. After which Dharmendra married Hema Malini in May 1980. The couple has been married for 41 years. They have two daughters Isha and Ahana.

Amitabh-Jaya Bachchan: Amitabh and Jaya got married on June 3, 1973. On his anniversary, Big B had shared an interesting anecdote and said that why he got married to Jaya in 1973. According to Big B, I was thinking of Jaya and her friends going to London for a vacation. But Babuji Harivansh Rai Bachchan had clearly said that he can go with Jaya only when they get married. By the way, the two have been married for 48 years and their love has increased with time.  

Dilip Kumar-Saira Banu: Saira Bano, one of the most beautiful actresses of her time, was only 8 years old when she became addicted to Bollywood's tragedy king Dilip Kumar. The two got married on October 11, 1966. At the time of Dilip Kumar and Saira Bano's marriage, Saira Bano was 22 and Dilip Saheb was 44 years old. Despite the age gap of 22 years, the love of the two was so unbreakable that it grew more and more with time. The two have been married for 55 years.  

Anil Kapoor-Sunita: Anil Kapoor and his wife Sunita have been married for 36 years. On May 19, 1984, they got married after dating each other for 10 years. In an interview on his wedding anniversary, Anil talked about his love life as well as married life. According to Anil Kapoor, "I was the first to fall in love with her voice. I thought, Oh my God! What a beautiful sound, man. What speaks English? The first time I met her was at Rajkapoor's house. She was very attractive. Then we started talking on the phone and the friendship moved on. Initially, we became good friends and then we fell in love with each other.

Shah Rukh-Gauri: Shah Rukh Khan, when he was 19 years old and Gauri was 14, at that time he saw Gauri for the first time and that was their Love at first sight. According to Shah Rukh, at that time, my craze for Gauri had increased a lot. If she wore a swimsuit or kept her hair open, I would fight with her. I didn't want the other guys to see her. On October 25, 1991, Shah Rukh and Gauri had a court marriage with Hindu customs. It was Shah Rukh who danced the most at his wedding. On the wedding day, Shah Rukh had borrowed from the sets of "Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman" and wore a suit.

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