Varun Dhawan loves Natasha very much, proves this way
Varun Dhawan loves Natasha very much, proves this way

Recently, a female fan of Varun Dhawan had threatened to kill his girlfriend Natasha Dalal. That threat was given only because Varun Dhawan did not come out of her house to meet her. He had lodged a report in the local police station without any delay. Recently once again, Varun spoke in this matter, he said, "His celebrity status should not be paid to his near and dear ones."

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According to the report, a female fan was waiting outside Varun's house to meet him but as Varun was very busy, he did not come out and due to this she became very angry and started behaving indecently. During this time she said, 'I will kill Natasha', according to the report, when the girl refused to go from there, the security officials informed the local police station. " While asking about this incident recently Varun said, 'If the police is looking into the matter, then I would like to stay away from speaking anything about it. Keeping this aside, I would generally like to say that this is a wrong thing. Due to my celebrity status, my loved ones should not pay it.'

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He further said, 'This is wrong. I am very sociable when it comes to fans. I always make time for them. I love my fans as much as they love me. No bad event is expected. Varun Dhawan can not see his close friends in any way, because of this, he keeps talking about his close ones every time.

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