Vastu Tips: Where and how can you picture Lord Hanuman at home

Aug 06 2020 06:40 PM
Vastu Tips: Where and how can you picture Lord Hanuman at home

It is said that the era that is going on now is Kalyug. Negativity is spreading fast all over the world. There are many people who remain negative. Humans are becoming violent in Kaliyuga. Lord Hanuman is immortal and lives in every age. So now today we are going to tell you that apart from praising Hanuman, you can put a picture of Hanuman in the house.

1. It is said that to create religious feelings among the family members, it is good to put a picture of Hanuman while worshipping Shree Ram or doing Kirtan of Shree Ram. 

2. If you want to boost the confidence of the family members, then the picture of Hanuman should be kept in the house with the mountain lifted by his hand.

3. If you want enthusiasm, success, then it is auspicious to put a picture of Lord Hanuman flying in the sky.

4. It is said that by applying the picture of Hanuman Ji in a sitting posture of red colour in the south direction, the negative energy coming into the house fades.

5. It is said that by putting the statue of Panchmukhi Hanuman on the main gate of the house, evil spirits don't come in the house.

6. It is said that Hanuman's picture should not be put in the bedroom.

7. It is said that under the stairs, do not put Hanuman's picture even in the kitchen or any other unholy place.

8. The picture of Hanuman should not be placed on the foot of the bed in the room.

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