Video: Apple Customer going Crazy and Smashing Iphone,MacBooks in an Apple store,France

An Angry French customer in France went to the Apple store and smashed Iphones and Macbook to show his protest.

The video was recorded by a patron in the store itself. The man had a Metal ball in his hand which is used for playing Boules in France. The local media reported the incidence as a "Bizzare" as the man took the entire phone off the connecting panel and then laid them flat and then smashing them with the Metal ball in hand.

The man told that he was protesting against Apple as it refused to agree with the 2 year warranty term applied in all the country coming under the European Union (EU).

The EU nations have a policy of 2 years warranty, but Apple offers only one year. The report said "he claims Apple refused to honor the EU requirement to provide warranty cover for two years after purchase”.

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