VIDEO: No one like Vidyut, broke two pieces of brick by hand!

Jul 21 2019 01:53 PM
VIDEO: No one like Vidyut, broke two pieces of brick by hand!

Bollywood's powerful actor Vidyut Jamwal is busy preparing for his upcoming film these days, and whenever the name of Vidyut Jamwal comes, it just stunts in everyone's mind. Vidyut Jamwal, on the other hand, is also on the list of a super-fit act, who has showcased his action capabilities in the world.

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This time also something similar has happened. Actor Vidyut Jamwal has shared a video on social media showing his performing dangerous stunts. You will also say that there's no one like Vidyut.

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You can see that Vidyut is doing a stunt in this video that might make you look easy, but it's not at all, and the video shows the electric egg in hand, one, two, and three bricks. While sharing this video, Vidyut wrote that he is going to attend the fifth Jackie Chan International Film Festival Week. The video clearly shows how big Jackie Chan's fans are. Jackie Chan celebrates the Jackie Chan International Action Film Festival every year since 2015.

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