VIJAY DIWAS: How Many Battles That Led To The Victory Of India In 1971
VIJAY DIWAS: How Many Battles That Led To The Victory Of India In 1971

VIJAY DIWAS 2023: Every year on December 16, India commemorates Vijay Diwas to honor its triumph over Pakistan in the 1971 war. Today, people nationwide pay respects to the brave soldiers who gave their lives for the country. The conflict began on December 3 and lasted 13 days. Let's delve into the battles fought in 1971 that led to India's victory and the birth of Bangladesh.

Key Battles that Secured India's Victory in 1971

As per the National War Memorial in New Delhi, six pivotal battles contributed to India's win against Pakistan.

Hilli Battle: Capturing Hilli was crucial to isolate Bogra from East Pakistan. The struggle commenced on November 22, 1971. Despite initial challenges, the 202 Mountain Brigade, led by 8 Guards, eventually gained control of the Northern part of Hilli. Indian troops then established a roadblock, prompting Pakistani forces to retreat and focus on defending Bogra, which was later captured by India.

Chhamb Conflict: Chhamb was significant as Pakistan aimed to reach the crucial Akhnur Bridge. The fight began on December 3, 1971, with an assault on Pir Jamal Post. Despite Pakistan's Air Force joining the next day, India's 191 Infantry Brigade thwarted their entry. Heavy artillery fire and the Indian Air Force's strong action prevented Pakistan's plans.

Basantar Struggle: The Shakargarh Bulge was strategically important for both sides. The offensive started on December 4, 1971, between the Degh and Basantar rivers. The renowned Battle of Basantar from December 15 to 17, 1971, saw significant actions. Although three grenadiers made gains, Pakistan's counterattacks were repulsed.

Longewala Clash: A small Indian post faced a Pakistani Brigade supported by numerous tanks. Pakistan aimed to seize Longewala near the Rajasthan border. With minimal support, the Indian forces successfully countered the Pakistani tanks with well-timed actions.

Meghna Heli Bridge Operation: On December 9, 1971, the Indian Armed Forces executed an airborne operation to cross the Meghna River, bypassing Pakistani defences. This strategic move facilitated the convergence of forces towards Dhaka, the final target.

Tangail Airdrop: Executed on December 11, 1971, by the Indian Armed Forces, this airborne operation captured the vital 'Poongli Bridge,' preventing the Pakistani 93 Infantry Brigade from defending Dhaka, leading to its capture.

These decisive battles in 1971 played a crucial role in India's victory over Pakistan, ultimately leading to the creation of Bangladesh.

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Vijay Diwas 2023: Commemorating India's Triumph in the 1971 War

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